Best Active and Passive Voice Corrector for Academic Papers

The Need for Rectifying Active and Passive Voice Errors

There is no other option to give a proper structure to any sentence other than the passive and active voice. You (as a writer) would have to choose either an active or passive voice to create the sentences in a writing piece. A good active and passive voice checker app would let you avoid the manual job. Some types of documents require active voice sentences. On the other hand, some kinds of writing pieces look complete with the passive voice sentences. All in all, you must know the difference between both of these voices to create the appropriate sentence.

Why Academic Writing Is So Different and Never Encourages Passive Voice?

The weak sentence structure in a passive voice sentence makes it not a great choice for academic writing. So, we try to use the active voice app to overcome this issue. The research composition is all about adding up the meaningful lines that clear every point. Additionally, the content must also be brief which is only possible by writing the active voice sentences. There is no room for long sentences in academic studies. You can go for the free online passive voice corrector in the recently-conducted research paper for the ideal results.

Reasons to Prove the Importance of Active and Passive Voice in Academic Writing

Whether the active or passive voice can create a proper sentence structure. There is no third option left. Therefore, a writer must know about right use of active and passive voices in the sentence creation in their research paper. When it comes to learning how to correct passive voice misuse, one must also know about adjusting the active voice flaws. In actual, the active voice sentences get more attention of the readers rather than the passive ones.

When We Must Convert Passive into Active Voice

Despite using a trusted and helpful active vs passive voice editor, one must know about the cases when it is better to change passive voice into the active voice. Here are the reasons to know.

  1. The passive voice creates an awkward and wordy sentence structure. You can even ask that does my sentence make sense.
  2. It confuses the reader and obscures the actual sentence’s subject.
  3. It turns the sentence length that doesn’t seem ideal for the research.
  4. The passive voice sentences seem less meaningful. You can go for how to correct passive voice app.

best active and passive voice corrector

When to Use Passive Voice in Academic Writing?

The passive voice sentences have the separate significance of academic paper writing. To figure out that is this passive voice or not, you can use an app for the best help. Here are the reasons to know when you should or shouldn’t use the passive voice in academic writing.

  1. You can use it in the literature review.
  2. The part of the abstract can have additional passive voice sentences.
  3. To describe the results, you must explain the findings.
  4. The summary can also have passive voice sentences.
  5. Use of a few passive voice sentences in the theoretical framework is also acceptable.

The Different Types of Academic Papers

Before using an incomplete sentence checker, you must know about the types of academic papers. It will help you to include the relevant sentences. Check out these types with the description.

  • Critical Academic Paper

With the added feature of at least one other point of view, it has all the features of persuasive writing. It is related to advanced undergraduate, postgraduate and research writing.

  • Persuasive Academic Paper

With the addition of your own point of view, persuasive writing has all the features of analytical writing (that is, information plus re-organizing the information).

  • Analytical Academic Paper

It is about re-organizing the facts and information you describe into categories, groups, parts, types or relationships.with the descriptive writing at the same time.

  • Descriptive Research Paper

The academic paper based on the information and facts is known as Descriptive Research Writing. It is considered as the simple form of academic writing.

How Does the Active and Passive Voice Corrector Find Passive Voice in Various Academic Writing Types?

We all deal with the problems to learn how to use active voice in writing. The best active and passive voice corrector can help you in fixing the related issues in the text content. You can end up in pasting the specific type of content and it will turn the passive voice into active or active into passive. It works similarly to all types of academic writing types. This is helpful to change the voice online.

It’s the time to experience the active and passive voice corrector to adjust flaws in your sentences. Try today!