10 Reasons to Use Passive to Active Voice Changer

The Passive Voice & Active Voice Correction Nowadays

There is not a variety of ways to amend any mistakes related to active or passive voice. Sometimes, the use of the opposite voice can turn the meaning of a sentence with the major change. The passive and active voice detector can provide the desired result for this job. You can also perform this task manually. But that definitely takes a lot of time. You can even face difficulties in finding the mistakes of active or passive voices in the sentences. Due to facing challenges in managing time, people are inclining more towards active passive voice changer.

Is There Any Evidence That Proves Passive Voice is a Catastrophe?

The more use of passive voice in your writings can lead to turning your writing piece unimpressive. It makes the content weaker and this is the major reason to avoid adding more active voice in your text work. Any good passive voice tester can also be used to remove the related mistakes.

  1. It is considered as a poor writing habit to only rely on passive voice sentences.
  2. The passive voice sentences are written in a more detailed manner. If you expect someone to write concisely by using passive voices, you’re living in the dark.
  3. The passive voice sometimes adapts the actual meaning of the sentence or makes it harder to understand.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Active and Passive Voice

If you’re all set to change passive voice to active voice generator, you must know about these pros and cons of both voices.

Active Voice Pros and Cons

  1. The active voice sentences are brief in length.
  2. The sentence in active voice is not ideal for story-writing
  3. Active voice makes any sentence clear to understand.

Passive Voice Pros and Cons

  1. It assigns blame because it focuses specifically on the agent.
  2. It emphasizes the agent, instead of the object receiving the action.
  3. It does not provide coherence in a paragraph as active voice does.
  4. It makes a piece of writing boring if a document consists of big words

The Active and Passive Voice Examples

Changing passive voice to active voice generator can be very helpful to rectify your sentence properly. However, you must be familiar with the appropriate examples to know more about it.

Check some of them below:

  • Active 1: Liquid fills the tub.
  • Passive 1: A tub is filled by the liquid.


  • Active 2: I know her.
  • Passive 2: She is known to me.


  • Active 3: He drinks water.
  • Passive 3: Water is drunk by him


  • Active 4: John Buys a camera
  • Passive 4: The camera is bought by John.


  • Active 5: She views the scenery.
  • Passive 5: The scenery is viewed by her.

The best passive to active voice generator can help you to get the quick conversion of sentences from one form to another. These examples are going to guide you well about the differences between active and passive voice sentences in many aspects. From the length to the use of verb and subject, the distinctions between both voices can let you get ample knowledge about them.

When Do You Actually Need to Convert Passive Voice into Active Voice?

When it comes to change passive voice to active voice online or by yourself, the important thing to know is the requirement of a sentence. There are some stages when a writer thinks to replace a passive voice sentence with the active voice one. Here are the reasons to change your text from passive to active voice. Make sure that you also share this information with others so that no one repeats the same mistake again.

  1. When you need to get a brief version of the sentence, you should adapt it with the active voice sentence.
  2. When the sentence seems weaker or not appropriate after reading.
  3. When it is written for any book or the academic document.
  4. When you want to make the better structure of a sentence.
  5. To let the subject acts upon an object.

These are the simple reasons that let you eliminate passive voice. You’ll be able to get the better version of every sentence by doing this task.

Is There Any Way to Find Passive & Active Voice Misuse?

There are situations when you feel it important to find and fix the passive as well as active voice misuse. It is good to know that how to change passive voice to active voice by rules. But we usually try to convert all passive voice sentences to active voice ones without knowing they are important at certain places. Sometimes, you’re only supposed to identify passive or active voice misuse and to fix them straight away.

Here are ways to detect and fix the misuses of both active and passive voices:

  1. For eliminating passive voice misuse, you need to change the sentence’s focus from indirect to direct object to the actor. It is done by letting the subject performs the action.
  2. The active voice misuse happens rarely and it is simple to fix as well. The active voice sentences are based on short length. When the subject is acted upon by the object, it is known as the active voice misuse. You simply need to let the subject performs an action on the object to rectify the misuse of active voice.

Why Is It Problematic to Spot a Passive Voice Sentence in the Text?

The more use of passive voice sentences in any document makes it not so impressive for the readers. Therefore, a document must have more active voice sentences than passive voice ones. The passive voice sentences sound a bit lengthy and awkward. It can become problematic to create a document full of passive voice sentences because of its weaker structure. Therefore, people usually want to learn how to remove passive voice for better writing experience and bright chances of the document’s acceptance.

passive to active voice changer online

Five Easy Steps to Find Passive Voice Mistakes Using Passive to Active Voice Generator

You have the simplest chance to identify and fix the passive voice mistakes through a trusted tool. Here are the steps to follow for changing from passive to active voice.

  1. Sign up to the page.
  2. Go towards the option of passive to active voice changer.
  3. Copy the particular text and paste it on the given empty space.
  4. Click on the ‘Submit’ icon and wait a while.
  5. Get your edited version of text to use anytime.

These steps won’t let you learn how to use active voice in writing manually. The tool can do the rest of the job itself.

Ten Valid Reasons to Go for Active Voice Checker App

To change into passive voice online or active voice, you must use the reliable tool. A trusted active voice checker app has the better solution of doing this job with the amazing benefits.

  1. The checker app doesn’t merely highlight the mistakes but also recommends ways to correct them
  2. Provides accurate results of the proofreading
  3. The limitless help online to modify the content in all the best possible ways
  4. Changes the content in different types of text
  5. Considered as a time-saving for the students as well as the professionals
  6. Checks the content thoroughly from the first word to the last line
  7. It is available for free that clearly shows that you’re going to save enough money
  8. The app is available online
  9. It is easy to access for all
  10. No need to download and no need to install any software on your computer
  11. Provides the instant help all the time
  12. Detects passive voice in any type of text
  13. Works with punctuation, grammar, spelling mistakes, the voice in writing and other types of errors
  14. Finds the plagiarism straight away.

Why Writers and Students All Over the World Use Online Active & Passive Voice Checkers?

The correction of past simple tense, present tense and future tense is possible through using the best online active/passive voice checker. People (students and corporate professionals) are relying more towards rectifying the passive or active voice mistakes by using a tool. A good sentence quality checker plays a major role to create the valuable content that would be approved earlier than your expectations.

How Does the Passive and Active Voice Checker Work?

It is very simple to use a good passive or active voice checking tool. Now, you can be able to turn this task quicker and effective for sure.

Follow these steps to use all the features of passive and active voice checker:

  1. Register on the site or app that you’re using.
  2. Copy the text from its actual source.
  3. Paste it into the provided field.
  4. Go to the ‘Done’ or ‘Submit’ option and tap/click on it.
  5. Get the fixed version of content now. You can use it multiple times.

All those who’re tired of trying numerous tools for active or passive voice corrections have good news. A credible passive to active voice changer is a single click away from you.