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One of the basic things you need to know before you start writing a text is the difference between passive and active voice. They are two different writing styles that can help you communicate different things. Each style should be used in different situations.

A sentence written in passive voice does not have the subject doing something, but rather it becomes the object and the verb acts on it. On the other hand, the subject in the active voice is performing an action, so it is said to be active. You should also know the difference between active vs passive voice in essays.

Active voice is preferred in academic essays as it brings clarity to the piece. It is easier to understand what the author is trying to say. If you want to use the passive voice, you should only use it when the agent has already been mentioned and you do not want to repeat it.

You can use an active voice checker online free tool to make sure that you are using active voice in your academic paper. It will help you save time and effort.

Examples of Active vs Passive Voice in Essays

Now that you know the basics, let’s move to more practical things. Learning how to use active voice in writing should not take you that much time. Reading some examples can help. Also, you can do some online exercises to learn how to write sentences in both styles.

These are some passive vs active voice examples to help you get an idea of how you should do it. Take note of them:

Active voice sentences:

  • Rose ate ten apples last week.
  • Peter send the letter.
  • I ate a big salad for lunch.

Passive voice sentences:

  • Ten apples were eaten by Rose last week.
  • The letter was sent by Peter.
  • At lunch, a big salad was eaten by me.

Our Passive and Active Voice Detector Can Help You with Your Writing

If you are writing an academic text or any other type of paper where you need to be sure that the reader will fully understand your message, you have to use the active voice. Using an online passive and active voice detector can help you identify if you are on the right path. It will spot the type of sentence that you are writing so that you can correct it if it is wrong.

Besides helping you locate the type of voice that you have used, it can also help you with other things. A passive and active voice checker can also help you improve your writing skills. At first, chances are you will have to use it several times, but with time and practice, you will be able to do it by yourself without having to use an online tool.

This will also help you submit better texts that are more coherent. Do not mix different voices unless it is really necessary. If you do so, you may confuse the reader and they will have a hard time understanding your text.

Who Can Benefit from Using a Free Active and Passive Voice Corrector

Using an active and passive voice corrector is something that can benefit a lot of people. However, there are certain groups that will take more advantage of having this tool at hand. Journalists, content writers, students, or writers are some of the people that will definitely benefit from using this type of tool.

An essay passive voice checker can help students make sure that their academic paper is written in active voice. This will help them get a better grade as the reader will be able to understand what they are trying to say more easily. It is also the preferred voice for most referencing styles, so checking their writing with an online tool can ensure they are following the guidelines.

What Are the Advantages of Using an Active Voice Checker Online Free Tool

Using an active voice checker has many advantages. Besides helping you save time and improve your writing skills, you can also benefit from its other perks. With an online tool, you can instantly check the type of voice you used for your sentence.

You will not have to download the software as you can use it online. All the services are free and, as long as you have an internet connection, you can benefit from them. An active voice checker offers a wide range of services too. It is the best online English grammar checker. It can count the words you have written as well as running a plagiarism check. But that is not all.

It can also be used as a free online grammar and sentence structure checker. And since you will be able to install it as a Chrome extension, it is very simple and easy to use. Making it accessible to everyone.

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This Is How Our Essay Passive Voice Checker Works

Do you want to know how to correct passive voice in a sentence? The best way to do it is by using an online tool. This is how an active voice checker works:

  • You can paste or type the sentence or text you want to check. The active voice checker will help you identify potential mistakes so that you can improve your writing.
  • The software will do a thorough language check using a powerful algorithm. It will locate the type of voice you have used, as well as identifying possible grammar issues.
  • You can correct the points that the online tool has located, or leave them as it is. Bear in mind that if you have to use the active voice, it is better to change the passive voice sentences from your text.
  • You can use the online tool from our site, or install the Chrome extension. It is up to you.

Keep the active voice checker online free tool at hand. It will help you create amazing texts!